Hey shy guy, why do you ignore me? Why do you avoid me? Is that because you like me?

frustrated with shy guysIt really sucks right now. I like this guy so much but I hate the fact that he’s so damn shy. He’s the cutest thing in the world and is absolutely focused in life. He’s an absolute gentleman and is never rude to anyone. Problem is his behavior. It’s weird. It’s confusing. It’s making me go crazy.

Things he does that I don’t mind:

  • Stares from across the room
  • Tries to be near me, walks near me
  • Gets loud around me
  • Pushes, touches me playfully or accidentally
  • Apologizes to me if he was rude to me the previous day

Things he does that drive me crazy:

  • When I am around him, he does not make eye contact and looks down
  • When I go to his desk, he literally gets up and runs away
  • When I ask him something, he says I don’t know (though he knows) and points me to some other person
  • He approaches my group of friends and talks and looks at everyone except me
  • He ignores me when I am around and never says Hi
  • If I talk to him, he doesn’t look at me, just says a couple of words… that’s it!

Ugggh I don’t know whether he likes me or absolutely hates me. What’s with guys? I can’t understand this behavior. He’s kinda okay with other girls. He says hi to my best friend and even talks to her confidently. But around me, he becomes this fidgety, nervous, rude, confused kid. I guess my only option is to talk to him or at least give him a smile. I usually ignore him back because I friggin don’t like being ignored!! But obviously this approach isn’t working. I’ll try being nice to him next time around.

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  1. David Host replied:

    It sound to me like this guy is head over heels for you, like heavy! Trust me, I’m a guy and I have been there a few times in my life. Usually, I’m like Mr. Smooth, but a few times I have faltered. I liked this girl so much that I would lose control. And in order to avoid completely screwing things up, I would end up doing what your guy here is doing. Trust me, this guy likes you. My advice, take the initiative and ask him to hang out. That will let him know, “Hey, I like you too. It’s okay.” And then may be he’ll feel more at ease.

  2. cholegal replied:

    simple solution
    ask HIM

  3. Dating Advice replied:

    I guess you give him a chance. I agree with David, sometimes, no matter how confident you are, you just can’t help yourself but screw up. Maybe you should ask him, maybe befriending him, he likes your for sure, he just dont know how to approach you, maybe you are an intimidating because he thinks your way too beautiful and is afraid to be rejected. Damn, that man is just so lucky, but he isnt aware how lucky he is.


  4. Anonymous replied:

    OMGGG U GOT THE Same problem as meeeeeeeeeeee !.. =|

  5. maritza smith replied:

    i have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous replied:

    i have the same problem except i have never talked to him,i dont even know his name i just see him in school,but nowadays he wasnt in his usual spot and i feel like he’s avoiding me.he probably likes you too much and hes too shy too show it

  7. joneshia replied:

    same im going through the same thing, except i was at a game and he totally acted like i didnt exsist. he tried getting my attention but i was being nervous. so i didnt say any thing now he like hates me and is avoiding me :/

  8. CrazyPerson replied:

    I guess with shy guys you have to break the rules and make the dreaded first move. You have to go ahead and talk to him. Keep doing this till he’s comfortable. Coz if you leave him alone then it would take forever for him to approach you and most probably he won’t.

  9. Anonymous replied:

    try talk to him!

  10. Anonymous replied:

    I have this shy guy who i think likes me but he just confuses me i was on the bus the other day he was on and he got of a stop earlier than me when i know he gets of the same one as me that just makes me feel he hates me .

  11. Anonymous replied:

    he just does not want you to know that he likes you cause hes tot shy.

  12. Anonymous replied:

    I am having the same problem, there’s this guy and he’s like an acquaintance, and at a party or something I will be talking to him and one other person and he’ll suddenly say nothing but with other girls he’s confident, laughing all the time. At first I didn’t notice it but its become worst, and i really don’t know whats wrong with him. I honestly thin he dislikes me or something? Helpp!

  13. Anonymous replied:

    I have the same issue…I also shy too…hopeless case :( :(

  14. Anonymous replied:

    I have the same problem… and I also shy … so hopeless case :(

  15. Katherine Morrison replied:

    This man always smiles at me, and when he talks too me, he stammers, or he looks elsewhere when he answers me. We communicated via email. I gave him my number and said if he felt like going out for coffee sometime, give me a call. He now ignores me. What did I do wrong?

  16. Maggie replied:

    Oh my! It’s like this guy I know who is a mutual friend of a friend! He talks to all the other girls and is so loud around my best girl friend and jokes and games with her but with me he is so shy and barely talks to me and if he has to he goes blush red. Grrr! I like him SOOO much too….I wanna ask him out but I’m shyyyyyyyyy!!! Help me :)

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